Dr. Vazquez attending to Taylor Mays
As the team physician, Dr. Vazquez watches the USC basketball team play
Dr. Vazquez accompanying the USC football team onto Stanford's stadium
Dr. Vazquez with boxer Oscar De La Hoya
Dr. Vazquez attending to Stafon Johnson
Dr. Vazquez with Pete Carroll, former head coach of the New York Jets, New England Patriots and USC Trojans

Meet Doctor Oscar Vazquez Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Oscar Vazquez specializes in the sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery field. His practice focuses on shoulder and elbow trauma, joint reconstruction as well as replacements together with revisions. He keeps up to date with the latest methods for complete hip and knee replacements, resurfacing and partial replacements. Throughout his career he has experienced working in different settings, whether that is on the court or field or else in his own clinic. He has gained understanding in using various treatments and preventative measures to adapt to every individuals needs.

Doctor Oscar Vazquez has become popular and well-respected for several of his publications and the useful information he gives amateur and professional athletes.