Dr. Vazquez attending to Taylor Mays
As the team physician, Dr. Vazquez watches the USC basketball team play
Dr. Vazquez accompanying the USC football team onto Stanford's stadium
Dr. Vazquez with boxer Oscar De La Hoya
Dr. Vazquez attending to Stafon Johnson
Dr. Vazquez with Pete Carroll, former head coach of the New York Jets, New England Patriots and USC Trojans

Meet Dr. Oscar Vazquez Orthopaedic Surgeon

Oscar Vazquez MD is an accomplished Sports Medicine Physician and Orthopaedic Surgeon.  Having worked in many settings, he is versatile and well-versed in many sports and sports related injuries.  Understanding the need for different treatments and preventative measures for different situations, he is able to adapt to each individual’s needs.  Vazquez has built a successful career for himself by consistently striving to improve in his field.  His research is well-respected and his knowledge has helped athletes all across the country return to sport from injury and improve their performance.

Dr. Vazquez has numerous publications and has become a very well-respected Sports Medicine Physician by providing useful information to athletes at all levels, as well as others in the Sports Medicine field.